About Me

Hi I’m Ophelia and welcome to my blog! I call myself The Writess because, like most writers, I’m an unbearably pretentious snob who thinks the entire world needs to hear what I have to say. (Admit it, Fellow Writers. I’m not wrong.)

You won’t find much sage advice or brilliant tips for how to clean your house/raise your kids/run a blog/get ahead in your career, mostly because I barely know how to do any of these things myself. I assure you any success on my part is primarily luck.

This is my place to be my ridiculous self, in all my geeked out, nerdy, judgmental glory. Equal parts sarcasm, silliness and just a tinge of abject failure, this is the deepest darkest inner workings of a middle-aged wife and mom who has her hands full staying employed, getting her kid to basketball practice and remembering to feed the dogs. (Sooooo many dogs.) This is also my place to share my work. If you have something you’d like to tell me, please comment. If you enjoy my site, please share.  I’m glad you’re here. Grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile.