The Writess

1. On Mondays, The Milkman Came

KATE Now maybe I’m making too much of something that’s nothing more than a coincidence but it seems to me that moral standards In America declined in direct proportion to the demise of the milkman.  Not that I think the Milkman was the actual reason for those peaceful, carefree days.

6 (Totally Free) Smartphone Apps for Writers

I’ve been writing for so long that pen, paper, and typewriter have all done their time as my favorite tools (or weapons, or accomplices) and there’s no point in denying my love affair with my Lenovo. My favorite place to write will always be the writing nook I’ve managed to

Creating Believable Fantasy Worlds

Fantasy is the ultimate form of escapism in literature. Your characters can be anyone, do anything. They don`t even have to be human. The fantasy genre allows our imaginations to run riot through time, space and other planes of existence. The history, politics, and science that define our reality don’t

Six Reasons Your Characters Need A Back Story

We all love a well-written character, don’t we? For me, there’s nothing worse than a story with a great plot that never pulls me in because I can’t relate to or sympathize with the characters. I can’t count the number of times I put a book down because the two-dimensional