Flash Fiction

Doing Nothing

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Five baskets, one pink, one yellow, two purple and one blue. Don’t forget that grassy stuff that goes in the bottom, can you get it in purple? The candy costs at least twice what it did last week; remember: Tori hates mint, CJ loves marshmallow, Courtney thinks she’s a tomboy so nothing pink for her, Liv doesn’t like Peeps but I do so we’ll throw some in and Amelia is only seven months and has one tooth so we’ll just get her something to chew on. Egg shaped sidewalk chalk, Cadbury cremes, chocolate bunnies, plastic keys and a teething ring for Amelia, plastic eggs for the egg hunt, don’t forget to fill them this afternoon while Liv and her dad go play miniature golf. So you’re just going to sit home and do nothing?’ she asks me when I tell her she’s just golfing with her dad today. OK, where’s my list? Three stores later I find cellophane and one more store to find a coloring kit to make the eggs look tie-dyed. Mom calls; her back is out so I’ll have to get over there and hide the plastic eggs, might as well bring the vegetable plate while I’m at it. I put too many Robin’s eggs in one basket, take them all out and count over, exactly even, divided by five, even Amelia who can’t eat them yet because we have to be fair. Liv is going to tell the Easter Bunny on me because I won’t let her open a lemonade stand with a bottle of lime juice on Route 28. I never let her do anything. Tori has called my cell phone eleven times today to ask me if I’m busy. Liv wants to set a trap for the Easter Bunny but I’m in trouble again because we have no carrots to use for bait. I have to write out  Easter cards for the older kids and put money in them. Remember Matthew wants to be called Fontaine because being called by your last name is cool and Crystal wants to be called Crystal and not Bean (short for beanpole even though she still looks like a beanpole). Two dozen of Mom’s eggs didn’t boil so she’s going to make bread pudding while I run back to the store and get more white eggs. The cat threw up. Lay out Liv’s clothes for church, boil the eggs, color the eggs, clean
 up the coloring mess, get Liv to bed, get her some juice, get her back to bed, finish my homework, put out the baskets. Just another day of sitting home doing nothing.

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